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Hollandia 700 Inbuilt Sunroof (6 models)

Hollandia 700 power inbuilt sunroofs (moonroofs) are designed with quality and innovation in mind, adding clean, elegant styling to the exterior while matching the vehicles interior perfectly. The sunroof panel tilts or slides open at the touch of a button, giving you complete control of the amount of sunlight and fresh air that you want.

Webasto Hollandia 700 Sunroof

  • Large integrated tilting and sliding sunroof.
  • Highly protective Venus glass keeps out UV rays and heat.
  • Interior color matched sliding sunshade.
  • Illuminated, soft touch Control panel.
  • Can be programmed to open to your favorite positions.
  • Closes automatically when the ignition is switched off.
  • Many sizes available.

Hollandia 500 Panoramic Sunroof (5 models)

Hollandia offers the largest power sunroofs available. It's too cool! The Hollandia 500 is totally unique inside and out with both panels working from the switch. Drivers and passengers (Front and Back) can enjoy. Two full-featured electronic packages to position the glass in any desired configuration.

The Hollandia 524 GrandView is one huge sunroof, two large glass panels, and one very unique experience. No other sunroof comes close to what the Hollandia 524 GrandView offers. The Hollandia 524 GrandView comes with four independent sunshades for complete interior light level control.

Webasto Hollandia 500 Sunroof

  • Huge opening and interior appearance.
  • Highly protective Venus glass keeps out you the raise and heat.
  • Rollo sunshades. Illuminated user Control Panel.
  • Closes automatically when ignition is switched off.

Hollandia 400 Folding Sunroof (2 Models)

Hollandia 400 power folding sunroof is as close as you can get to a convertible! This dynamic folding fabric sunroof let's you and your car stand out in the crowd. Electronically operated, the Hollandia 400 can be opened at the touch of the button to any desired position. Go ahead. Open your Hollandia 400 to a fabulous view, and make the sky come alive.

Webasto Hollandia 400 Sunroof

  • Sporty and dynamic fabric folding sunroof.
  • Largest sunroof opening available.
  • High quality, reinforced out or covert insurers durability.
  • Aerodynamic wind deflector.
  • Illuminated user Control Panel.
  • Full power operation.

Hollandia 300 Spoiler Sunroof (10 Models)

Hollandia 300 power spoiler sunroof's offer quality and innovation for any new vehicle. Because of its innovative design, the new Hollandia 300 provides an extremely large opening for even the smallest car or truck adding sporty styling and open air freedom. See how the spoiler with sporty style makes the sky come alive.

Webasto Hollandia 300 Sunroof

  • Electric spoiler sunroof that fits a wide variety of vehicles.
  • Highly protective Venus glass keeps out UV rays and heat.
  • Wind deflector for optimum aerodynamics.
  • Can be programmed to open to your favorite positions.
  • Closes automatically when the ignition is switched off.
  • Available with simple or advanced electronics.
  • Available in large and medium sizes.
  • Available with Rollo, hard, or no sunshade.

Rain SensorSmart Opperation Rain Sensor

Available on all Hollandia 700 & select 300 model sunroofs.

After vehicle is turned off, and the "open" button is pushed on the sunroof user control panel, the rain sensor is activated. When rain drops fall on the windshield and pass the sensor, a command to close is sent to the glass panel, keeping your vehicle interior dry and safe.

  • Closes sunroof automatically when rain is detected
  • Allows glass panel to be open or vented when car is unattended
  • Operates only when vehicle is not running

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