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Inalfa Roof Systems
Inalfa Inslider Sunroof

Inalfa InBuilts / Insiders

An Inslider is a one panel roof system with a ventilation function and a when fully opened, will slide neatly underneath the roof skin of the vehicle. An inslider is always a bottom loaded system.

  • The ultimate In open air systems.
  • Offers optimum ventilation and light control.
  • Inalfa's one touch illuminated shitch allows for easy open, close, or vent the glass panel.
  • Standard auto close feature allow the sunroof to automatically close when the ignitian is switched off (except 770 SF).
  • Integrated pop-up wind deflector eliminates wind noise.
  • World-class styling and engineering.

Inalfa Exterior Slider SunroofInalfa Spoilers / Exterior Slider

An Exterior Slider is a roof system including a ventilation function and a slide opening function. The front panel moves over the rear panel or over the roof skin of the vehicle. Because of the absence of a rear support lever for the glass panel, this system can be applied as a one or two panel system. Exterior sliders can be bottom loaded or top loaded systems.

  • Inalfa 450 OE/QF/HS Electronic Spoiler Sunroof
  • Integrated wind diflector One piece Rollo sunshade - 450 OE/QF
  • OE Wrapped sliding sunshade - 450 HS
  • Inalfa 300 QF Compact Electric Spoiler Sunroof
  • Attractive quick fit trim bezel for ease of installation

Inalfa Pop-up

  • Attractively equipped with gray tinted safety glass, designed to block UV light and heat penetration.
  • Largest opening in the industry, up to 4 inches.
  • Three position user-friendly handle.
  • Sunscreen attachment available.

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